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Monday, August 20, 2012

Update on Cafe Hours

As many of you already know, we've adjusted the hours of operation for the Bella Rose Cafe.

Monday - 11 am until 9 pm (Bar - 10pm)
Tuesday - 11 am until 9 pm (Bar - 10pm)
Wednesday - 11 am until 9 pm (Bar - 10pm)
Thursday - 11 am until 9 pm (Bar - 10pm)
Friday - 11 am until 10 pm (Bar - Midnight)
Saturday - 11 am until 10 pm (Bar - Midnight)
Sunday - 8 am until 8 pm

Also, the Cafe will be closed from August 27  through September 4th.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bubba Rose Featured in LoHud Article

Bubba Rose, the purple and lovable fixture that's been guarding Bella Rose Cafe for the past few months, was featured in a LoHud.com article written by Akiko Matsuda.

Bubba Rose is one of seventeen sculptures being auctioned off for a fundraiser to benefit multiple causes around Rockland County.

Here's the blurb that focuses on Bella Rose Cafe:

"John Lima, owner of Bella Rose Cafe on New Main Street, who is one of the business sponsors, said the bulldog sculpture, painted by art student Amy Schuler, has been getting lots of attention from patrons.

“People love him,” Lima said of the sculpture, named Bubba Rose, who has been sitting near the cafe entrance. “When our regular customers come in, they pet him.”

To continue reading the entire article, click here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bella Rose Featured on CBS 2

The local CBS Channel 2 News ran a story about a local woman's efforts to help infuse money into "mom and pop" businesses through a practice known as "cash mobs".

Bella Rose Cafe is one of the local businesses that is up for consideration for this Saturday's (April 21, 2012) "Cash Mob". You can vote for us on Facebook; we'd appreciate your help!

Here's the video that ran during the 5:00pm news show and then again at 11pm.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holiday Hours Update

Bella Rose Cafe will be closed on Easter Sunday (April 8th) and the Monday after Easter (April 9th).

The Bella Rose Cafe will reopen on Tuesday, April 10th.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bella Rose Featured in Rockland Journal News Article

The Bella Rose Cafe was highlighted in an article written by Liz Johnson, in a piece featured on LoHud.com and the Rockland Journal News.

Between the Italian Grilled Cheese, the Adult Mac & Cheese, the signature lasagna and a coffeehouse-style lounge with drinks brewed from locally roasted coffee beans — there are plenty of reasons to keep you coming back to Bella Rose Cafe, which opened in the fall in Haverstraw.


Photos by Seth Harrison/TJN
Brothers John and Matt Lima, left and right —

— are using their parents’ and grandparents’ recipes to inspire chef Nick Gaglio in the kitchen, but the menu also has chicken wings, burgers and other American favorites. “We mix it up,” says Matt. The cozy dining room seats about 50, and has brick walls and oak floors original to the 1870s building.

The decor includes refurbished antiques made in Haverstraw. There’s also a lounge area for people to kick back with their coffees and enjoy the wifi. Can’t decide which of these reasons are enough of a draw? Check out the restaurant on Mondays, when there’s a buffet from 11 a.m. to closing with a plethora of choices.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bella Rose Featured in United Nations of Food Article

The Bella Rose Cafe was featured in an United Nations of Food Article titled "Bella Rose Cafe and Other Surprises of Rockland County".

Here's an excerpt from the review. (Full version can be found here.)

In an attempt to recover from our shock at finding such great Peruvian and Mexican food in the Hudson Valley ‘burbs, we ducked into a place called Bella Rose Cafe.  We weren’t hungry.  We just wanted to soothe our bulging bellies with a bottle of wine.
And completely by accident, we found my new favorite New York Italian restaurant.
Here’s the thing:  Bella Rose Cafe is a gorgeous place, with exposed Haverstraw brick and  high ceilings and classy artwork and artfully chosen music… and places that look like Bella Rose usually serve overpriced pretentious food.  And I hate overpriced pretentious crap.

But don’t be fooled by the classy decor.  The friendly, charismatic brothers who own Bella Rose serve their Italian grandma’s recipes, and every platter of food is designed for the appetite of a hulking bricklayer.  The meatballs and grilled polenta border on divinity, and most of the desserts–espresso brownies, nutella cake, and fresh biscotti, among other delights–are baked onsite by the owners’ Italian mom.  The lasagna is probably the best I’ve ever eaten, and the “regular cut” is roughly the size of my Manhattan apartment; for $2 extra, you can order “John’s cut”, which includes a gigantic meatball and is probably the size of my mother’s farm in Iowa.  If you leave Bella Rose Cafe hungry, you screwed up.
The craziest thing is that the prices are incredibly reasonable.  Sandwiches (including an Italian grilled cheese with prosciutto and red peppers) start at $6.95; most of the (gigantic) entrees range from $9 to $15, including prosciutto-spiked asiago mac-and-cheese for $8.95 or an epic platter of lasagna for $14.95, including salad or a cup of soup.  The beer/wine/liquor options are carefully chosen and inexpensive–a great bottle of pinot grigio from a small Italian vineyard costs less than $25.  There’s a happy hour with $2.50 beers, and a creative array of liquor-spiked coffee drinks for $7.  We ate there three times in less than 48 hours.  It was that good.
Maybe I’ve been ruined by Manhattan, but nothing about Bella Rose seems normal to me.  You can sit around drinking a cup of non-overpriced coffee all day, or you can get bombed on excellent-but-inexpensive wine, or gorge yourself silly on some amazingly inexpensive homemade Italian food.  And no matter what, nobody is going to look at you funny for occupying a table for several hours.  If anything, they’ll treat you like family if you hang out all day.  That’s not normal.  And that’s a huge compliment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bella Rose Cafe Now Open on Mondays

We're excited to announce that the Bella Rose Cafe will be open on Mondays!

Come into Bella Rose Cafe between 11am and 9pm for a $10 buffet lunch and dinner. In addition to the buffet, Music with Mitch will be performing at the restaurant from 6pm until closing.

Mitch Delirod performing at the Bella Rose Cafe

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