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Shogun nutrients are a brand of nutrients that are revolutionising the flowering boosters industry in the UK. Shogun nutrients have been scientifically made with the best components across the board to ensure farmers improve the quality of their flowers and fruits.
The innovative farm technology used in shogun fertilisers brings the most unique features.
Shogun fertilisers CalMag
This is more of a repair nutrient: calcium and magnesium are vital plants nutrients for translocation and nutrients assimilation. Faster movements of nutrients around the plants help them to function better. CalMag also prevents yellowing of the plants’ leaves and nitrogen for improved chlorophyll hence better photosynthesis.
Shogun silicon Nutrients
Silicon nutrients make the plants stronger and able to bear heavier fruits. Additionally, it prevents attacks by pests and diseases by strengthening the cell wall. Silicon has also been proved effective in preventing botrytis or rotting of the bud. Shogun silicon is also a perfect pH booster.
Shogun Sumo Boost
These nutrients are the best for indoor gardening. It is a weight bio-stimulant that is a sure boost for the yields. It is used during the flowering cycle to give the plants everything that they require for a great flowering response.
Shogun Dragon Force
It has nutrients that stimulate plants to increase yields. It forces the plants to grow and the fruits to fully ripen as they continue to add weight. In other words, silicon dragon force forces the plants to go beyond the normal growth levels.
Shogun PK warrior 9/18
This uses the normal ratio of phosphorous and potassium. Phosphorous and potassium are essential nutrients for plants flowering hence boosting the fruitage.

With the added and well meticulously blended range of nutrients in Shogun fertilizers, there is no cause for alarm to the farmers.  You can find out more at

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