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First, let me say upfront that, based on extensive experience managing a translation company, express translation fees are seldom necessary. That is, after more than 2 decades in the industry, I have only ever seen a couple of cases where the phrase “I need this ASAP” was applicable!

(If you really must know, it was a medical emergency where the client, after misread the dosage instructions on imported medication, needed to communicate with the prescribing doctor in the USA – It really was a matter of life and death!)


Express fees put you at the mercy of the translation company — They’ll take whatever they can get which depends on how desperate you are. (And, that’s if your project is even accepted!)

Most translation agencies -just like any industry, really- have express fees. The reason is that in order to meet that tight deadline you have, they need to take Japanese translators off other translation jobs, pull all nighters, and/or work through the weekend. I’m sure that you can understand there’s a cost associated with that, which is naturally passed onto to you.

What kind of additional fees are we talking about?

For those really, really unavoidable circumstances look for a translation company that is upfront about their express rates (to avoided getting shafted). Here’s an example of one Japanese translation services company’s express rates:

  • Within 24 hours – Regular Rate + 50%
  • Within 12 hours – Regular Rate + 100%

(You should note, however, as mentioned above, that not every translation company accepts every express translation job.)

Clearly, you want to avoid express fees.

The easiest way to achieve this is to plan your Japanese English translation project in advance. Now, that sounds like an awfully simple approach; however, you’d be surprised at how many folks forgo this most basic of steps. And, by not skipping this step you’ll realize other benefits, too. For example, you may discover that you don’t need to translate everything you initially thought required translation, more cost savings for you!

Also, note that most professional Japanese translation services would rather you get your materials in for translation with time to spare. That is, the money is good, but the stress of doing a proper job under such pressure…Why not do the smart thing – Plan in advance and aim for the regular translation rates?